Boost Energy Drink Flavors, Ingredients, Benefits & Potential Side Effects

In a Nutshell:

  • Boost is a UK energy drink brand founded in 2001 by Simon Gray.
  • Boost energy drinks contain caffeine, taurine, vitamins and herbal extracts to provide an energy boost.
  • A 250ml can of Boost contains around 55 calories, 12g sugar and 80mg caffeine.
  • Benefits of Boost drinks include increased energy, mental alertness, mood, exercise performance and hydration.
  • Boost has original flavors like Orange, Tropical and Cherry plus limited editions like Grape Cherry.
  • Boost offers sugar free options and its drinks are vegan friendly.
  • Boost is widely available in the UK and expanding distribution globally to 30+ countries.
  • Potential side effects include anxiety, jitteriness, rapid heartbeat, dehydration, headache, irritability, and insomnia if consumed in excess or before bedtime.

What is Boost energy drink?

Boost energy drink, a product of Boost Drinks Limited, is a popular beverage that primarily targets the young, active, and on-the-go demographic.

The energy drink brand was founded in 2001 by Simon Gray in the United Kingdom. The company primarily sells energy and sports drinks through convenience stores, independent retail chains, and petrol forecourts across the UK.

Some key facts about Boost energy drink:

  • Boost is headquartered in Leeds and is a privately held company.
  • Apart from energy drinks, Boost also offers sports and protein drinks.
  • Most popular Boost energy drink flavors include Original, Tropical, Cherry, and Citrus.
  • In 2010, Boost introduced a short-lived smoothie line which was soon discontinued due to low demand.
  • Boost has partnerships with brands like Leeds United Football Club and promotes itself through sports sponsorships.

What are the benefits of drinking Boost energy drink?

Boost energy drinks are formulated to provide temporary energy, improve mental alertness and focus. Some of the touted benefits of Boost energy drinks include:

  • Energy boost – With caffeine content ranging from 160-175mg per can, Boost delivers a dose of stimulant to increase alertness and counter fatigue. The combination of caffeine, taurine and B vitamins is designed to provide a sustained energy kick.
  • Mental focus – Caffeine in Boost can stimulate the central nervous system and make you feel more awake. Taurine, an amino acid, is claimed to boost mental focus and concentration.
  • Improved mood – Boost contains vitamin B12 and other B vitamins that are linked to boosting mood and reducing stress. The herbal extracts in Boost may also help uplift mood.
  • Better sports performance – The caffeine in Boost can improve exercise endurance, strength and power output. The carbs and vitamins also support energy production.
  • Hydration – As an isotonic drink, Boost helps replenish fluids and electrolytes lost during exercise.

However, these benefits tend to be temporary and may come with side effects if consumed excessively.

Who should drink Boost energy drink?

Boost energy drinks are marketed towards mainstream energy drink consumers, primarily adolescents, young adults and active individuals between 18-35 years old.

Some of the target groups who are most likely to benefit from Boost energy drinks in moderation include:

  • College students – for an energy and mental boost during study sessions.
  • Athletes – the caffeine can enhance sports performance when used strategically.
  • Gamers – the promised benefits of increased focus and reaction time appeals to gamers.
  • Office workers – to help power through long work days or long commutes.
  • Drivers – truck drivers and people on long road trips may use it to stay alert.

However, certain groups should limit or avoid energy drink consumption:

  • Children under 18 years old
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Individuals sensitive to caffeine
  • People with heart conditions or anxiety disorders

Most health experts recommend moderation, limiting intake to 16oz per day and avoiding excessive or mixed use with alcohol. Those with medical conditions should consult their doctor before trying energy drinks.

List of Boost Energy Drink Flavors

Over the past two decades, Boost has become one of the most popular energy drink brands in the UK, with a wide variety of flavors available. The list of flavors is as follows:

Original Boost Energy Drink Flavors


The classic orange flavor provides a sweet, citrusy taste. It’s one of the original Boost flavors and remains a staple.


This lemon-lime flavor offers a refreshing, tangy zest. It’s a tart yet sweet companion to the original orange.

Tropical Fruits

A blend of mango, pineapple, passionfruit, and other tropical flavors creates a bright, vibrant profile.


The green apple flavor provides a crisp, sweet taste reminiscent of fresh apples. It’s a unique flavor for an energy drink.

Fruit Punch

A mixture of popular fruit flavors like orange, cherry, pineapple, and lemon produces a sweet, punchy blend.

Additional Boost Core Flavors

Over the years, Boost has expanded its core flavor lineup:

Blue Raspberry

With an artificial but delicious blue raspberry candy taste, this flavor is sweet and tart.


The cherry flavor offers a sweet, jammy cherry taste. It provides something different from standard fruit flavors.


Concord grape gives this drink a bold, sweet grape juice profile. It has a distinct purple color too.


A sweet strawberry flavor with smooth berry notes makes this a tasty, candy-like option.


This has an authentic watermelon flavor, like drinking refreshing watermelon juice. It’s sweet and crisp.

Other Product Lines

Beyond original energy drinks, Boost has expanded into other products:

Boost Sport

Launched in 2016, Boost Sport offers hydrating isotonic sports drinks in flavors like orange and tropical.

Boost Protein

Also debuting in 2016, Boost Protein provides energy drinks with extra protein for post-workout recovery.

Boost Iced Coffee

In 2020, Boost introduced an iced coffee line with lattes, mochas, and vanilla flavors.

Boost Juic’d

Fruit juice-infused energy drinks launched under the Juic’d brand in 2022. Flavors include mango, guava, and watermelon.

List of Boost’s Seasonal and Limited Edition Energy Drinks

Boost has also released numerous seasonal, limited edition flavors over the years to generate excitement. Let’s explore some of Boost’s most memorable special edition energy drinks.

Winter Warmers

When the weather turns cold, Boost has offered some seasonal flavors to heat things up.

Winter Spice – Released in 2015, this festive flavor combined cinnamon, ginger, and other warming spices. The crimson can featured snowflake designs.

Gingerbread Snap’d – For a limited time in 2021, Boost’s take on gingerbread blended ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, and sweet molasses notes.

Spiced Apple Cider – Launching in November 2022, this autumnal flavor will offer the taste of mulled apple cider.

Summertime Sippers

To quench thirst and evoke sunshine, Boost has concocted some summer-inspired energy drinks.

Lemon Ice – Part of the 2017 summer lineup, this refreshing flavor tasted like frozen lemonade. The icy blue can depicted lemon wedges.

Watermelon Crush – Debuting in 2019, this drink captured the sweet juiciness of watermelon with a hint of lime. The pink can showed watermelon slices.

Sunshine Punch – Arriving in summer 2022, this tropical medley combined mango, pineapple, orange, and passionfruit. The vibrant label depicted sunshine and palm trees.

Festive Favorites

Boost has celebrated holidays and events with specialty seasonal energy drinks.

Fright Night – Released for Halloween 2021, this spooky black can contained a sweet-tart blackberry-pomegranate flavor.

Love Potion – In February 2022, this pink Valentine’s Day drink offered notes of raspberry, cherry, and chocolate.

Shamrock Shake – For St. Patrick’s Day 2023, this minty green concoction will taste like a creamy mint milkshake.

Jubilee Juice – To commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s 2022 Platinum Jubilee, Boost launched this limited edition grapefruit drink.

Colorful Collabs

Boost has partnered with brands and personalities to create buzzworthy collaborative energy drinks.

Leeds United – Boost released a limited edition tropical flavor in Leeds United Football Club colors in 2021.

Skittles – In 2022, Boost and Skittles teamed up for a wild berry flavor inspired by the candy’s taste.

YouTuber’s Brew – Influencers helped formulate their own flavors, like Calfreezy’s Blue Raspberry drink in 2020.

Music Festival Mix – For summer music festivals, Boost has created exclusive flavors like Orange Aftershock in 2022.

Where Can You Find Boost Energy Drinks Worldwide?

The company sells primarily energy and sports drinks through convenience stores, independent retail chains, and petrol stations across the UK and internationally. Details are as follows:

Availability in the UK

Within the UK, Boost Energy Drinks have widespread availability across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. They are stocked by major convenience and wholesale retailers including Symbol Groups, independent retailers, forecourts, and cash and carries. Some of their notable partners include:

  • Premier, Londis, Costcutter, Nisa, Bestway – Leading UK symbol groups with thousands of convenience stores
  • Booker, Bestway, Batleys – Major UK wholesalers
  • Rontec, Motor Fuel Group, Certas Energy – Petrol forecourt retailers

This broad distribution network allows consumers to easily find Boost drinks in their local shops. Their strong wholesale presence also makes Boost readily available for independent retailers to purchase and sell.

Availability in the International Markets

While founded in the UK, Boost has expanded internationally over the past two decades. They now export to over 30 countries globally.

Some major international markets for Boost include:

  • Spain – One of Boost’s first export markets starting in 2003. Sold nationwide in convenience and wholesale channels.
  • Middle East – Available in convenience stores and petrol stations in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and more.
  • Nordic Region – Recently launched in Sweden with distribution partners. Aiming to expand further in Nordics.
  • Asia Pacific – Sold in outlets across New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  • Africa – Distributed in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and more.

Future Expansion Plans

Boost continues to grow its international presence by partnering with local distributors and wholesalers in new markets. Some key areas they are targeting include:

  • North America – Planning launches in the US and Canada through new distribution deals.
  • Latin America – Aiming to enter markets like Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.
  • Europe – Expanding distribution in Western Europe and entering Eastern European markets.
  • Asia – Building on existing presence to launch in countries like India, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The Key Ingredients in Boost Energy Drink

Some of the key ingredients include:


Caffeine is the primary energy-boosting ingredient in Boost. It is a stimulant that blocks adenosine receptors in the brain, reducing fatigue and promoting wakefulness and alertness. A 250ml can of Boost contains 80mg of caffeine, similar to a cup of coffee.


Taurine is an amino acid that is thought to enhance the effects of caffeine. It helps regulate cell volume and is believed to have antioxidant properties. Taurine may also improve mental focus and concentration.

B Vitamins

Boost contains several B vitamins including B3, B5, B6, B12. These water-soluble vitamins are essential for converting food into energy and supporting the nervous system.


This is a naturally occurring compound produced by glucose metabolism. It is thought to provide additional energy and improve mental performance. However, more research is needed on its effects.

Guarana Extract

Guarana is a plant native to South America. Its seeds contain caffeine and related stimulants like theophylline and theobromine. Guarana provides an additional energy boost.

How the Ingredients Work Together

The combination of caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, guarana, and other ingredients in Boost work synergistically to provide both physical and mental energy.

Caffeine is the primary energy booster, while taurine enhances its effects and supports mental focus. B vitamins help convert carbohydrates to glucose, providing fuel for the body and brain. Guarana seeds provide additional natural stimulants to prolong the energy kick.

Together, these ingredients help improve alertness, concentration, and stamina. The caffeine and guarana provide quick energy, while the B vitamins and taurine promote sustained energy release and prevent crashes later on.

Potential Side Effects

While generally safe in moderation, Boost drinks do have some potential side effects to be aware of:

  • Anxiety, jitteriness, rapid heartbeat – Too much caffeine can cause an energy crash later on
  • Dehydration – Caffeine has a mild diuretic effect
  • Headache, irritability – If you have caffeine sensitivity
  • Insomnia – Consuming late in the day can disrupt sleep

To avoid side effects, limit intake to 1 can per day and avoid other caffeinated drinks. Stay well hydrated and don’t drink Boost too late in the afternoon or evening. People sensitive to caffeine may want to avoid Boost altogether.

How Many Calories, Sugar, and Caffeine Does Boost Energy Drink Contain?

Boost Energy drinks contain around 55-58 calories per 250ml can. The sugar content is approximately 12-13g per 250ml can.

The caffeine content of Boost Energy drinks is:

  • 30mg per 100ml for the regular Boost Energy drinks
  • 45mg per 100ml for the Boost Iced Coffee drinks
  • 60mg per 100ml for the Boost Coffee Double Espresso drink
  • 40mg per 100ml for the Boost Iced Mocha drink

So a typical 250ml can of Boost Energy drink contains around 70-80mg of caffeine.

Is Boost Energy Drink Sugar-Free?

Boost does offer a sugar-free version of their Original energy drink in 250ml cans. This Sugar Free Original Boost Energy contains less than 0.5g of sugar per 100ml.

Other sugar-free options from Boost include:

  • Boost Energy Cherry 250ml
  • Boost Energy Exotic Fruits 250ml
  • Boost Energy Red Berry 250ml and 500ml

Is Boost Energy Drink Vegan?

Yes, all of the Boost drinks (except their Boost Iced Coffee range) are suitable for vegans, as they do not contain any animal products or by-products.

The ingredients in Boost Energy drinks are vegan-friendly, including the taurine used. The drinks are also free from gluten, nuts, and alcohol.

So vegans can safely consume Boost’s range of energy drinks including Original, Sugar Free, Cherry, Exotic Fruits, Red Berry, Mango, and Fruit Punch flavors.

How much Boost energy drink should you drink per day?

Boost energy drinks contain caffeine and other stimulants that can provide an energy boost. However, consuming too much caffeine can cause side effects like anxiety, jitteriness, rapid heartbeat, and sleep issues.

The recommended maximum daily caffeine intake for healthy adults is 400mg. Since Boost energy drinks contain 30mg of caffeine per 100ml, drinking more than 1.3 liters (44oz) per day could exceed the recommended limit.

To avoid side effects, it’s best to limit your intake of Boost energy drinks to 1 can or bottle (250ml) per day. Consuming more than this amount is not advised, especially for sensitive groups like children, pregnant women, and individuals with heart conditions.

If you do choose to drink more than one Boost energy drink per day, be sure to monitor yourself for any adverse effects like insomnia, nervousness, or an irregular heartbeat. And stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water as well. Moderation is key when it comes to caffeinated beverages.

When is the best time to drink Boost energy drink?

The best time to drink a Boost energy drink depends on your reason for consuming it:

  • Before exercise – Drinking a Boost 30-60 minutes before your workout can enhance your athletic performance by increasing alertness, endurance, and focus. The caffeine and carbohydrates provide an energy boost.
  • Mid-morning energy – A Boost energy drink around 9:30-11:30am can give you a lift if you’re feeling tired and need to be productive at work. The effects typically last about 5-6 hours.
  • Early afternoon – Having another Boost around 1:30-3:30pm can help beat the mid-afternoon slump and give you energy to power through the rest of your workday.
  • Night shift work – Moderate caffeine intake from Boost may help night shift workers stay alert and focused. But limit intake to early in your shift to prevent sleep issues.

No matter when you choose to drink it, allow time for the Boost to kick in before any important mental or physical activities. And stay adequately hydrated by drinking water too.

Can you drink Boost energy drink before bed?

It is not recommended to drink Boost energy drinks before bedtime.

Boost contains caffeine, which is a stimulant that can make it harder to fall asleep if consumed too close to bedtime.

Experts recommend stopping all caffeine intake at least 6 hours before your intended bedtime. This allows enough time for the caffeine from Boost to be metabolized and clear your system so it doesn’t disrupt your sleep.

Drinking Boost too late in the day can lead to sleep issues like:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Frequent awakenings during the night
  • Overall less restful sleep
  • Daytime drowsiness the next day

The best practice is to avoid all caffeinated beverages like Boost for 6-8 hours before bed for optimal sleep quality. Plan your last Boost so you can meet this cutoff.

The Origins of Boost: From University Project to Global Brand

Boost Drinks Limited is the British company behind the popular Boost energy drink brand. Founded in 2001 by entrepreneur Simon Gray, Boost Drinks aims to provide good-tasting, affordable energy drinks through convenience stores, independent retailers, and forecourts across the UK.

Based in Leeds, England, Boost Drinks started with a £30,000 bank loan. Within the first year, founder Simon Gray had already paid back the loan in full. The company originally launched under the name Blast UK Limited before rebranding to Boost Drinks Limited in July 2001.

Boost Drinks then rapidly expanded from solely serving the UK market to exporting its drinks to over 30 countries globally. Some of Boost’s major international markets include Spain, the Middle East, Australia, and South Africa.

As a challenger to mainstream energy drink brands, Boost Drinks has focused on affordable pricing, wide distribution, and establishing itself as a recognizable value brand. The company has partnered with leading UK wholesalers and symbol groups to make its drinks widely accessible.

After 20 years of strong growth and brand building, Boost Drinks was acquired by the UK beverage company A.G. Barr in late 2022 for £20 million. However, Boost continues to operate as a standalone business maintaining its own brand identity and distribution strategy.

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